2 min readOct 3, 2019


A three-dimensional model of the city is considered not only as a convenient and conventional illustration of the city but also as a powerful tool enabling to take decisions in various areas of economy: from the development planning of the city to the analyze of damage caused by different kind of natural disasters.

In terms of the transfer from non-renewable energy resources to alternative, the three-dimensional city models can play a crucial role. Using a proper level of details (LOD) for the model construction, the surfaces of the roofs can be displayed, in other words we can deal with the vector model of the roofs, which includes the corresponding geometry (shape and area) and positions of the roofs in the space, so called greenroof potential map. Such data could be used for the estimation of potential energy, which can be obtained with solar batteries utilization. Here the area of the roof (the more sloping roof, the larger area it has), and a time when the roof is under the sun light are a key stone. With these data it is possible to estimate the potential energy which can be generated by the solar panels for any particular locality. This can be useful for any kind of energy companies, solar batteries supplier, municipalities, real estate developers, etc.

Visicom as a world known map provider can in short terms produce such models based on satellite images.


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