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Currently, we are observing a new stage of mobile telecommunication evolution, and it is just a matter of time before 5G networks will become our regular life. Having excessively high data rate and substantially reduced latency, the corresponding radio signal is dramatically affected by distances and any small obstacles. Therefore, in order to operate properly, such networks should be accurately planned and forecasted. Precise and relevant 3D city map here is a core ensuring the correct planning stage.

The presented project comprises 2 654 of 3D maps:

· 7 capitals of Emirates

· 1 423 997 3D buildings

· 38 146 km of road networks


· Abu Dhabi — 435 km2

· Ajman — 65 km2

· Dubai — 1635 km2

· Fujairah — 47 km2

· Ras Al Khaimah -151 km2

· Sharjah — 169 km2

· Umm Al Quwain — 45 km2

Each 3D city model is a completed cartographic product which is executed according to the traditional technological sequence involving:

· Analysis of the territory and stereo satellite imagery preparation;

· DTM, DSM, and orthophoto mosaic production;

· Clutter and Clutter heights model calculation using the classification pattern;

· Feature layouts capturing via stereo plotting process


· 1m resolution of DTM, DSM, Clutter, Clutter heights

· 1 m resolution 3D Buildings with small roof elements

· 1 m resolution 3D Trees made specifically for 5G planning

· 2–3 m accuracy in all parameters

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