2 min readMay 5, 2020


Currently the development of telecommunication networks and the accessibility of the Internet show the technological development of the country in general. The point to take into account is the availability of the Internet and mobile connection not only in mega-cities but also in secondary cities, which are usually far from the huge business and industrial centers.

Now the implementation and promotion of telecommunication networks can be compared with the invention of railway connection in the past. In this way, the modern connection networks are considered as a powerful boost ensuring the technical re-equipment of the country generally and its industry in particular. In other words, high-speed communication acts as an engine aimed at promoting the country forward. Based on this many countries implement technological upgrading at the national level.

This allows them to update the communication standards up to 4th, 4.5th, and even 5th generations. The countrywide mapping here serves as an initial step and background to implement such innovations.

Visicom as one of the most experienced company at the digital mapping market is used to realizing large projects involving multidimensional tasks and national wide coverage.

Within the last 2 years, we were involved into the several huge telecom projects for 4G networks deploying and 5G planning and testing. There are Vietnam countrywide project (331210 sq km), mapping all of Myanmar (721366 sq km), Romania full coverage (236122 sq km), UAE, Laos etc.

National Laos coverage map, that was completed in 2019, can be described with a set of impressing figures:

  • 236800 sq km of countrywide regional model
  • 1200 of 2D and 3D models of 12 major cities
  • 21 stereo-pairs of high-resolution images
  • 300 000 buildings footprints plotted for 3D models
  • 9000 POIs captured for Geo-database with semantic infrastructure information
  • 2730 km of the total length of the mapped highways and railways
  • Population maps for all Laos and 12 major cities

This comprehensive project required to attract high-qualified Visicom’s experts from remote sensing division, department of photogrammetric processing, department of automatic classification and remote sensing data, department of radiofrequency data preparation, departments of the city, and regional models plotting, stereo plotting department. At each step of the technological process, the necessary quality control check was done in accordance with the actual international technical requirements and ISO standards.

Visicom also supports vertical markets like Smart cities, Transportation, environmental management, etc. So, all geodata for Laos which includes geospatial and semantic information might be used further across multiple industries, where relevant mapping information is needed: management and planning of transport networks, environmental management, urban planning, risk mitigation, emergency response, infrastructure rollout, etc.




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